Video Game Programming for Beginners

The 6 Best Programming Languages for Game Design

So you decided to take the plunge into programming video games, have you? If you have any coding experience this article may be a list of things that you have already before, but if you’re just exploring this growing field, this article is just the place that you would want to start.

Lucky for you, video game programmers are in hot demand right now in development houses. The first step on your path to landing that dream job is education. Right now colleges all over the united states are offering some sort of degree in either general programming or video game design.

Maintaining a high GPA and general all around good work ethic will go a long way to getting your foot in the door with a video game company. Game companies are very stringent on who they hire, but once you get that first job, all sorts of door’s open in the way of job opportunities.

Research what it’s like working at a game development company as well. This step is crucial as you don’t want to spend all that time learning how to code games, only to find out that working in a studio isn’t for you.

Between deadlines and working long hours just to get something implemented right, it may not be worth it to you at the end of the day. Talking to people inside the industry will help you decide if this career path is really the one that you want to choose.

There are ton’s of resources out there for budding game developers and indie game developers alike. You can go pick up a book on video game programming, there are many to choose from. A good starting language to learn programming is java.

Many browser based games are made with java and it’s a fairly robust language. Start simple and start plain. Don’t go overboard and think your going to revolutionize the MMO scene while your learning how to program. Having games already made will also look good on a resume, something you could show to a development house.

Keeping up with new technologies is also very important. Video games are advancing at astronomical speeds. With every new video game comes some sort of innovation that helps that game stand out from the others.

Understanding what these innovations are and how they work is invaluable to a game creation company. Playing games, modding games, and just general tinkering with a games available SDK can be the difference between getting the job that you have always dreamed about doing, or flipping burgers from 9-5 again.

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